Arnold Crew: Experience of a Sex

Without hesitation, I lubricated my thick and rich cock of 18 cm, for my first double penetration, I stopped with his hip movements, I put it behind his ass. I was slowly placing and pushing my cock, in that ass. Little by little, I was putting my penis, millimeter by millimeter, I noticed how it was, penetrating the anus of him, I noticed that that ass was very tight on my cock, I noticed his cock, while the ass pressed our cocks well together. My emotion crossed all its limits. The cries and moans of him, increasingly strong and intense, come from a mixture of pain and pleasure, of having two cocks, penetrating that virgin ass. Once, that the donkey has adapted to the dimensions, that penetrated it. I started to fuck him, noticing the slipping of my cock, with his cock and his ass, while his ass squeezed our cocks. He also began to slowly slide his cock, so that my tail and hers slid at different rates, in one ass, his ass. His pain, due to the magnitude of the penetration, disappeared, leaving only pleasure. From that room came moans, loud, intense, exciting, of three teenagers fucking. These moans intensified more and more. Until reaching the maximum point of pleasure of the three. Making him cum inside that ass, I noticed that each whip threw that cock inside that ass, shortly after I also noticed the hot and juicy semen. About two seconds after noticing the semen of him inside that little ass, I also ran. Both, he and I, we unload all our pleasure, in that double penetration.Matching that pleasure was practically impossible.

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